InterLynk scientists receive outstanding awards and engage global experts at TERMIS World Congress in Seattle

The 7th TERMIS World Congress, held from June 25-28 at the Seattle Convention Centre, brought together the brightest minds in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Among them were InterLynk's distinguished scientists, Project Coordinator Prof. João Mano from the University of Aveiro and Prof. Lorenzo Moroni from Maastricht University, who showcased their cutting-edge research and received notable accolades.

The TERMIS World Congress, organized by the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, serves as the premier global forum to discuss advancements, challenges, and innovations in the field. TERMIS promotes education, research, clinical translation, and social responsibility through regular meetings, training courses, and outreach activities. This year’s congress, themed "Coming together to design better healthcare for all," emphasized collaborative efforts to advance patient care through tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

In this inspiring environment, Prof. Lorenzo Moroni was honored as a 2024 TERMIS Fellow of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (FTERM), recognizing his significant contributions to the field and his leadership in shaping its future. Additionally, he received the Mid-Term Career Award, further underscoring his impact and dedication. Throughout the conference, Prof. Moroni chaired several sessions and delivered a keynote speech, reinforcing his important role in the tissue engineering community.

InterLynk Project Coordinator, Prof. João Mano, delivered a keynote address on "Human-derived biomaterials for tissue engineering" during the session on naturally derived biomaterials for sustainable TERM. This session focused on the latest methodologies and techniques for developing sustainable, innovative scaffolds and biomimetic-based matrices for cell culture. Prof. Mano's presentation highlighted the use of human-derived biomaterials in creating advanced 3D cell culture models aimed at improving patient outcomes. In the InterLynk project we are working hard to develop such biomaterials which can then be used as inks in additive manufacturing to print innovative scaffolds for the repair of complex musculoskeletal defects where multiple tissues are involved.

TERMIS provides a fantastic opportunity to exchange knowledge and drive science forward through fruitful discussions with other scientists. The congress facilitates new ideas and directions, directly benefiting projects like InterLynk. Engaging with peers at such a high level stimulates innovation and collaboration, essential for advancing tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

For more information about the TERMIS World Congress and to explore the contributions of participating scientists, visit the conference website here. This congress not only highlighted the remarkable progress being made in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine but also reinforced the importance of global collaboration in driving scientific and clinical advancements.