Tissue Trek - The InterLynk Scaffold Safari: Bridging Play and Learning

The quest for knowledge often begins with a spark of curiosity, and in the digital age, what better way to enlighten this flame than through an immersive educational videogame? This is the vision behind "Tissue Trek - The InterLynk Scaffold Safari," an innovative leap in health education crafted by Promoscience, one of the minds behind the InterLynk project.

Introducing scientific principles early on can be helpful in guiding individuals to become adults who make health-related decisions based on evidence, rather than on speculation or intuition. In an era where skepticism towards medical science is on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure that the foundational trust in the scientific method is established early. Our videogame is an attempt to educate kids and to create familiarity and confidence with scientific principles in the field of regenerative medicine from early on, hoping to move us one step closer to a world where informed health decisions, rooted in scientific evidence, are the norm for everyone. 

Designed primarily for kids aged 9 and up, "Tissue Trek" makes learning about regenerative medicine accessible and fun, though its engaging content also captivates adults, making it a versatile educational tool for all ages. Currently available in English, it will soon be accessible in a series of other languages as well. 

In the world of "Tissue Trek," players are introduced to Lysa, a hero in her own right, characterized as a human-based platelet lysate drop. Her quest is to help tissues regenerate by delivering her growth factors, teaching players about cellular biology in a way that's both fun and scientifically sound. The educational value of the game is enhanced by its artistic merit, featuring unique and compelling artwork designed to captivate and inspire young minds toward the field of regenerative health.

The gameplay is simple but educational. Players guide Lysa through a biological maze, answering questions, applying knowledge to overcome obstacles and eventually regenerating a jaw joint. Each level is an opportunity to learn about the science of tissue regeneration, with Lysa's 'magic potion'—the platelet lysate—serving as a catalyst for change within the game's environment. As Lysa interacts with her hydrogel buddies in the game, players will notice a vibrant artistic transformation. With each successful application of her platelet lysate, the game's landscape bursts into color, making the regeneration of cells a visually rewarding experience. This design choice not only serves as positive reinforcement for the player's achievements but also visually reinforces the scientific concepts at play.

"Tissue Trek - The InterLynk Scaffold Safari" is a unique fusion of science and art, education and entertainment. By introducing complex scientific concepts through the engaging medium of a videogame, InterLynk has created a platform that educates and inspires. It is a testament to the project's dedication to advancing health literacy and its commitment to forging a new path in the education of tomorrow's scientists.

As players set out with Lysa on her quest, we encourage you to sign up, dive in, and experience this engaging blend of gaming and learning for yourselves. It's an opportunity to explore health science in an interactive setting—give it a go and see where the adventure leads you.